We provide our clients with (re)insurance solutions tailored to cover the consequences of political events that might lead a government to take actions that could cause large financial loss.

Whether their interests involve manufacturing, investment or financial services operations, we offer our clients coverage for their exposure in emerging markets that could potentially lead to expropriation, contract frustration, inability of local currency conversion, nationalization or confiscation of assets and sovereign debt default.

What B&P can do for you:

With an analytical approach, we help align our clients’ interests with their actual exposures resulting in (re)insurance solutions that accurately mitigate their political risks across their entire operation.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the demands and uncertainties particular to the different operations of our clients, supported on the trajectory and security of the Lloyd’s and London Market.

Our offer includes:

  • Insurance OR Reinsurance business accepted
  • Worldwide coverage including USA/Canada
  • Excess layers
  • Flexible deductibles
  • Flexible payments terms
  • We provide solutions in the Caribbean, Central and South America.